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Impress arrives in Bergamo and continues its expansion in Italy

Impress, a company specializing in new generation invisible orthodontics, after the recent openings in the Italian territory and constant expansion at European level with over 120 clinics, opens its flagship store in Bergamo to offer citizens the opportunity to improve their smile and take care of dental health thanks to its revolutionary treatment with invisible aligners.

This is thanks to a cutting-edge approach where technology is one of the main strengths. The Impress method, in fact, differs from traditional treatments with a proposal characterized by maximum flexibility, customization and comfort to adapt to the needs of each patient. The company, thanks to the exclusive specialization in invisible orthodontics and the developed method, has made its services accessible to everyone. After revolutionizing the European market with specific orthodontic treatments to solve problems related to dental misalignment, Impress is now ready to bring its system to Bergamo too.

Within a space equipped with the latest generation technologies and designed to welcome patients in comfort and relaxation and designed by the architect Raúl Sánchez (Winner of the Frame Awards 2020 as healthcare center of the year), Impress offers available the expertise gained in the field with the treatment of thousands of cases and the availability of a highly specialized medical team.

"In Impress, - comments Dr. Khaled Kasem, head of the Impress orthodontic team - we are constantly committed to providing our patients with an experience of excellence in the field of invisible orthodontics and we want to offer everyone the opportunity to undertake a path of dental alignment that stands out not only for the results but above all for the simplicity and personalization of the treatment with which they can be achieved. This year's goal is to increasingly strengthen our presence on the Italian territory and Bergamo seemed to us the ideal city to bring our methodology to by sensitizing citizens on the importance of being able to enjoy a healthy smile in an accessible way ".