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Impress announces acquisition of Diamond Whites in a deal worth over €30m

  • Impress and Diamond Whites will work together to provide the largest network of orthodontic clinics globally.
  • Impress appoints Diamond Whites CEO Ben Reed as CEO of Impress in the UK, and Doctor Richard Marques as Global Cosmetic Dentistry Director.
Europe’s leading orthodontic provider Impress has announced its exciting acquisition of London based invisible aligner brand, Diamond Whites; creating the largest UK network of orthodontic clinics and expanding Impress’ offering of oral care, whitening products and cosmetic dental treatments.

This acquisition will allow Impress and Diamond Whites to combine talent and operations to offer the best orthodontic patient experience across 60 cities in the UK. In addition, Impress and Diamond Whites will launch cosmetic dental treatments under the supervision of Dr. Richard Marques. Dr. Richard is considered one of the most famous cosmetic dentists in the UK with more than 15 years of experience treating a number of notable patients; such as Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Anne Marie, and Jamie Redknapp.

Founded in 2019, Impress is the leading chain of orthodontic clinics in Europe with a strong presence in multiple countries- including Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Ukraine, and the USA. It combines exceptional medical care with a hi-tech digitisation of the patient journey, that results in an outstanding patient experience. Impress has more than 500 professional medical staff led by senior orthodontists who diagnose, plan and monitor treatments. It is committed to bringing innovative, digital solutions to doctors and patients, and has the highest NPS in the industry.

Diamond Whites was founded in 2012, with the goal of providing affordable yet effective teeth whitening products to the UK market. Transforming the smiles of thousands of patients nationwide, Diamond Whites whitening products have been stocked in leading retailers such as Tesco and Superdrug. It will now combine strengths with Impress; Diamond Whites’ aligner patients will benefit from Impress’s tech-first approach to orthodontists in its flagship clinics across the UK. Impress clinics, orthodontic support and proprietary software will enable Diamond Whites to treat a variety of orthodontic patients, as well as more complex cases.

Diamond Whites has more than 300,000 loyal followers on social networking platforms and exceptional patient reviews, as well as a strategic partnership with leading UK marketing agency ‘The Social Co’. This partnership aims to drive success via innovative and creative marketing campaigns across paid, organic and content-driven social media marketing.

Along with the acquisition of Diamond Whites comes the exciting appointment of Ben Reed - CEO of Diamond Whites - to UK CEO of Impress. In 2020, Ben partnered with Dr Richard Marques (Co-Founder) to launch Diamond Whites Aligners which quickly became the highest rated invisible aligner brand in the UK, spreading to over 60 cities. Having previously worked in investment banking for 9 years, Ben is an experienced top manager and team leader with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Regarding the Impress acquisition, Ben said: “We’re extremely proud to be merging with Impress. Both Impress and Diamond Whites share a similar business vision and company values; championing innovative technology and positive patient experience. From this acquisition we will continue to offer invisible orthodontic treatments of the highest quality under Impress, with a streamlined, convenient service supervised by a highly experienced orthodontic team.”

Vladimir Lupenko, Co-Founder and CEO of Impress, said: “We are so excited about the merger with Diamond Whites team and look forward to continuing building a top-tier, innovative clear aligner brand in the UK. “