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Natalia Sánchez & Twin Melody star in the new Impress ad

Why is Impress the best solution for your oral health? What are the benefits of invisible orthodontics compared to braces? This and much more is what Impress seeks to convey with its new television commercial.

Impress, a specialized company and leader in invisible orthodontics, wants to continue emphasizing the importance of caring for oral health and encourages all types of users to do so with personalized professional help. On this occasion, the message does not come through just any spot, since the ad has protagonists that will surprise many. Specifically, the star signings are the actress, Natalia Sánchez, and Paula and Aitana Etxebarria, the popular twin sisters known as Twin Melody, the duo that has 18 million followers on Tiktok.

With its new TV spot, which featured McCann as creative agency, Impress seeks to intertwine two of its most intrinsic differential values: personalization and professionalism.

"What surprised me the most about the Impress treatment is the combination of medical rigor with digitization, that's why I didn't hesitate to collaborate with them," explains actress Natalia Sánchez. For Twin Melody what surprised them the most was that "you don't notice that you are wearing them", and they point out that "at some ages where people may be more concerned about their image, this type of treatment helps to have self-confidence" .

Yago Grela, Communication Manager at Impress, has stated in this regard: "Our ambition with this announcement is to show, through ambassadors as great as Natalia Sánchez and Twin Melody, that transparent aligners are revolutionizing the orthodontic sector thanks to to the large number of advantages they have compared to more traditional treatments”.

Laura Marco, Executive Creative Director of McCann Barcelona, ​​has pointed out: "This is our first job for Impress and it has been a pleasure to be able to work with a young brand that wants to make fresh communication through its own patients who, at the same time They are great brand ambassadors. To convey the truth, it was essential to work on the dialogues and for both Natalia and Twin Melody to be able to express their experience as Impress users first-hand.”