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Impress App. Best Application and Digital Platform

  • Impress wins the third prize in the category of Best Application and Digital Platform at the Digital Beauty Awards
The Digital Beauty Awards (DBA) are prestigious national awards that honor the outstanding work and dedication of companies and professionals in the cosmetics, perfumery, and personal care industry in the realm of digital innovation and e-commerce. Now in its third edition, these awards, organized by the Beauty Cluster, received an impressive 400 nominations, solidifying their position as the foremost accolades for digitalization in the cosmetics, perfumery, and personal care sector.

The beauty sector in Spain has celebrated the recognition of companies and professionals for their remarkable contributions to the digital and e-commerce domain. One such example is Impress, which was awarded the third prize for their groundbreaking application featuring their own cutting-edge technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence). This innovative app has not only helped reduce the number of clinic visits but also ensures professional supervision. This esteemed award is a testament to their unwavering commitment to remain at the forefront of the latest technologies, with the ultimate goal of providing the best service and attention to their valued clients.