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Georgina Rodríguez joins Impress for its new TV commercial

Impress has launched a new television campaign with the aim of summarising the benefits of invisible orthodontics, as patients can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile, without changing their lifestyle.

Georgina Rodríguez, footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, shares why she loves Impress.

Is it possible to enjoy a treatment that allows you to have a healthy, beautiful smile, without changing your lifestyle? What are the benefits of invisible orthodontics compared to braces? This and much more is what Impress seeks to convey with its new television commercial.

Impress, the European leader in invisible orthodontics, wants to continue emphasizing the importance of oral healthcare and encourages all types of users to do so with personalised professional help.

The TV advert features a new voice and image of the brand: Georgina Rodríguez, a model, businesswoman and dancer. Georgina, who is in a relationship with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, is also an influencer, boasting almost 40 million followers on Instagram.

With its new TV advert, which featured McCann as creative agency, Impress seeks to intertwine two of its most intrinsic differential values: personalisation and professionalism – as each treatment is supervised by doctors at all times.

“I wanted to become the image of Impress because of its disruptive concept – Impress is constantly going one step further in orthodontic treatments. It is a company that has already shown so much success but still has so much potential ahead of it”, explains Georgina Rodríguez.

The model added: “At Impress it’s important that the treatment is comfortable and doesn’t interfere with the patient’s lifestyle or social events, and this separates it from other forms of dental care which are often uncomfortable and unattractive”.

Natalia Vyelichkina, Board Marketing Director of Impress, said: “We are both excited and proud to have Georgina on board. We were looking for an ambassador who shared a similar vision and philosophy that, above all, extolled aspects such as the comfort and personalisation of our treatments, supervised at all times by a highly experienced medical team”.

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  • Creative Agency: McCann Barcelona
  • Advertiser: Impress
  • Clients: Natalia Vyelichkina, Begoña Mas & Enric Lacal
  • Product: Invisible orthodontic treatments
  • Creative director: Laura Marco
  • Editor: Gerard Jaurena
  • Art Directors: Denisse Guidi, Raúl Gibanel
  • Account Director: Marta Toda
  • Executive Directors: Raquel Verge, Maria Corbalan
  • Production Agency: CRAFT
  • Producer: Ana Alonso
  • Postproduction Coordinator: Paco Muñoz, Maria Buerba
  • Video Editor: Natalia Martín, Adrià Gellida
  • Color: Jaume Fonsa
  • Postproduction CRAFT / Lastcrit
  • Sound: Idea Sonora
  • Producer: Nico Caicoya