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Impress will open invisible orthodontics clinic in Leeds

Impress, the largest invisible orthodontics chain in Europe, has announced
the opening of its first flagship clinic in Leeds, bringing world-class
dentistry to the city.

The clinic will be located at 84-86 Vicar Lane, Leeds and will provide
discreet, comfortable, and removable aligners designed to treat overbites,
crowding and diastema. The clinic will be over 3,300 sq ft and house five
patient boxes and three dental chairs.

Impress is the largest chain of ortho clinics in Europe, with fully digital
processes. The company has revolutionised the invisible orthodontic sector
with the best team of professionals specialised in making people smile, by
using the latest technology for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of
all cases.

In the first consultation, the patient is given a complete oral check-up, an
X-ray, and a 3D scan, which allows the medical team to create a virtual
simulation of the entire treatment process. Each plan is 100% personalised,
aligners are delivered to the patient’s home and the entire process is
monitored through an app – meaning patients don’t need to visit the clinic
to ask any questions or flag up any unforeseen issues.

By specialising exclusively in invisible orthodontics, Impress reduces prices
by up to 60% compared to other alternatives available on the market,
without compromising the quality of treatment, conducted by a medical
team with more than 15 years’ experience, nor the success of the results.
After raising $50 million in 2021 (the largest in South European history), the
funding was earmarked to further expand its presence across Europe, as
well as propel the orthodontic experience further into the digital realm.
Impress opened its first UK flagship stores in London and Manchester in
December and in Birmingham in March.

Bruce Bower, UK Country Manager for Impress, said: “At Impress, our
mission is to provide our patients with an excellent experience of invisible orthodontics, and we want to make it available to as many people as

“We are very excited to open our first flagship clinic in Leeds, following the
success of our other UK flagships in London, Manchester, and
Birmingham. Our clinic will bring the most innovative approach to
Orthodontic care to the city.”

The clinic is currently under construction and will open in the coming