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Impress will donate invisible orthodontic treatments to Ukrainian refugees in Spain

Impress, the new generation of invisible orthodontics, will donate treatments in all its flagship clinics in Spain, to Ukrainian refugees who are in the country. In this way, the company reinforces its commitment to society and to doing more of what really matters, offering the best human and professional quality and helping to ensure that more and more people enjoy better oral health, and thus improve your general health, thanks to your treatment.

In order to access these treatments, it will be necessary to sign up on the Impress website. In this way, one treatment will be assigned per month and per clinic, with priority given to minors, who will be the first to be assigned. In case there is more than one sign up per month, Impress will open a waiting list, in order to serve all those who sign up. These treatments will be carried out in the company's 16 own clinics in Spain. In addition, from Impress they point out that although a refugee now starts treatment in Spain, he will be able to finish it in his country if he decides to return, since the company also has clinics in Ukraine.

Dr. Khaled Kasem, Chief Orthodontist at Impress, explains, “In cases like these, we can't look away. At Impress we are truly committed to our community and we will try to put all our efforts whenever we can to help those who need it most. And he adds, “This is only a small part of what the Ukrainian society needs. We have clinics and many colleagues in Ukraine, so this action is for them. We hope that actions like these motivate more and more companies to continue helping this affected town.”