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Get an A-list smile with Impress

  • Celebrity dentist to launch new veneers treatments at Impress, perfect for a long-lasting smile
Impress, Europe’s number one chain of orthodontic clinics, has announced the launch of its new veneers offering, now available in all London clinics. Led by world-renowned dentist Dr Richard Marques, the doctor responsible for the smiles of many A-listers including Rita Ora and Dua Lipa, Impress plans to offer the new veneers treatment at all UK clinics by the end of the year, making beautiful smile more accessible than ever before.

Dr Richard Marques has 18 years experience in the dental and aligners field, specialising in transforming smiles, helping patients to look and feel their best. During the procedure layers of porcelain are custom made to cover problem teeth, with options available for any concern, from a single tooth to a full set. Impress’s quality of product, reasonable cost of treatment and superior patient care put it bounds ahead of the competition offering similar services, and is a clear choice for busy professionals looking to access world-class veneers.

Introducing veneers to the roster of high-quality treatments available to Impress’ patients means those looking for cosmetic procedures, in addition to tooth alignment, will be able to achieve their dream smile. For patients looking to correct additional cosmetic flaws after aligner treatment, or for those who’s tooth shape cannot be changed with aligners, the option to elect for veneers is a real game-changer.

At their initial veneers consultation at Impress, patients can expect an oral health check up to ensure their natural teeth are as healthy and strong as they need to be for the procedure to take place, with recommendations made for any treatment. Impress’s advanced and innovative patented technology allows doctors to examine x-rays and 3D scans together, giving a full picture of each patient’s oral health upfront to deliver more efficient treatment. Doctors will also be able to give their patients an idea of the finished product by using high-tech video simulation technology to showcase the end results.

Once the veneers have been meticulously created according to the patient's needs and preferences, the orthodontists will clean, polish and etch the teeth to guarantee a flawless application of the veneers, and the process is complete. Starting from £500 per tooth with discounts for multiple teeth available, the treatment isn’t just aesthetically effective, it’s cost-effective too.

Dr. Marques said: “We’re extremely proud to be adding veneers to our roster of five star treatments. It’s fantastic to be able to offer another option for those looking to change their tooth shape, and for patients looking to make long-lasting tweaks after aligner treatment. Using innovative technology and championing positive patient experience, Impress’s patients can relax in the knowledge that they’ll receive only the best quality treatment, from our incredibly experienced orthodontic team.”