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Impress launches KIDS, its new orthodontic service for children

It is not an orthodontic treatment that focuses on the alignment of the teeth, but to help correct jaws, expand the palate and avoid oral health problems throughout life.

With this new service, which is added to conventional treatment and TEENS, the company already covers all stages of life, helping more and more people to enjoy good oral health and show off their best smile.

Impress, the European leader in invisible orthodontics, launches a new service: Impress KIDS. This service, which is already available in all the flagship clinics that the company has in Spain, is aimed at children and aims to help correct possible future oral problems, from the earliest ages.

And it is that being able to have access to treatments of this type in the first years of life will prevent severe conditions in the future of adolescents and adults. It is recommended for boys and girls from 6 years of age and always subject to the prescription of the professional, who will be the one who ultimately decides that orthodontic treatment is the solution to treat each specific case. As in the other treatments, a first consultation will be made to evaluate what you want to treat and from there a plan will be drawn up that will include either invisible aligners or digital braces, depending on which is the best option.

Orthodontic treatment at an early age allows the child to have a healthy and functional bite. It will help your jaws and teeth align properly,” explains Dr. Khaled Kasem, Impress's Chief Orthodontist. "The procedure will also promote oral health and, as if that weren't enough, help the patient to have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime."

Unlike treatments for TEENS and adults, which are usually aimed at straightening the teeth or correcting problems of this type, orthodontic treatments for children are focused on correcting the bite due to health issues, since this is the ideal time to do so. The objectives of Impress KIDS are:
  • Have a healthy and functional mouth
  • Prevent future more complex and long-lasting orthodontic treatments, or even surgeries
  • Avoid serious conditions in adolescence and adulthood

Thus, childhood is the best time to perform this type of treatment, since movements are easier, predictable, and faster, and the patient can begin to notice the benefits of an aligned smile from an early age.